HDPE Mortars

All of our HDPE mortars and racks are made in the USA and we offer all sizes of consumer and display mortars. There is no minimum or maximum order. Sorry, no fiberglass available.

We use only premium DecKing coated deck screws to secure our plugs on 2 1/2″ through 6″.  The cut edges of the pipe are deburred and all holes are piloted and countersunk for a smooth finish.

We also offer the best-built racks available.

If you prefer, we can quote any of our mortar tubes with solid end-grain plugs from Midwest Wood Specialties. We also can custom cut pipe to your length when the material is available. Some notice may be required for large quantities of special lengths.

With 20 years manufacturing experience, we proudly offer the best-built equipment for your safety and that of your spectators. Whether you’re doing a large public display or a backyard party, our mortars and racks will give you confidence your show will be spectacular. See why we are the leader in the pyrotechnic industry when it needs HDPE.

Whether you’re planning your 4th of July or New Year’s Ever event, birthday party, or sporting event, we’ve got what you need.

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